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GPS navigation

GPS-startpage (dutch links)

Supplier of navigation systems

GPS software for pc

Garmin and Psion
GPS technology & FAQ
GPS on Motorcycles website:
Handheld pc soft- and hardware
Supplier of handhelds &
Tom Garmins Home Page
A lot of freeware and shareware programs
Producers of   Streetplanner Millennium and Routeplanner Millennium
Lots of info from 3lib
Overlay files for Street/ Routeplanner
Producer of Realmaps
Psion & GPS tips
Waypoint+ software
Overlays for Psion


The Dutch "Kawa merkclub NL"
Dutch collection of Kawasaki subjects
The English GTR1000 site
The American GTR1000 club
Home Page of Wolfram Tege
GIVI bag systems
Speedtrap page
NVVM - Dutch homepage for encreased driving skills

Connection cables / power supply

Velleman elektronica
Elektronics in general
Himmelbauer connectioncables
Pfranc connector for Garmin
Serial leads for Psion
Garoute- Ruud Rademaker
Satellite photos
Software for Handhelds
Psion surgery ;)
RS232 cable information
Woodworking and CNC-links
Another Dutch hobbyist with a lot of links Majosoft
Good documentation of milling
Safety info about different wood types
Lots of tech info & Home Improvement
Woordworking info
A Yahoo webring for woodworking
An American woordworking site
Woodworking plans & drawings
More links of woodworking  Luis_E


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